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Richard's CB Sale's CB's , Amplifiers, and More. ( We now have Vintage 6JE6C/6LQ6 Sweep Tubes New Old Stock 40.00 each + Shipping ) RCA, Silviania and others

We are a Small Shop and Sell Used CB Radios Amplifiers and more. All of our used CB stuff is checked out and made sure it works like it should before it leaves to make sure you are satisfied and comes with a 5 Day Return Policy. Buyer must pay for return shipping. All New Stuff will come with Factory Guarantee's. We are in Kings Mountain,NC and will ship any where in the United State's

Please Bare With Us Till we Get Set Up if there is something you want to Buy Call 704- 730 - 9803 or E- Mail us at . US Postal Money Order, Or Cash , Pay Pal soon to come

"Collector's Item"

"New" Midland/Goodwin

Junior CB Base Station

Young World 40 Channel CB Radio

New in the Box Made in 1977

Price $39.95 + shipping


Galaxy, Cobra, Uniden, Connex and More